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Sincerely, Bee

Today's blog is inpired by my number one fashion icon, Sincerely Jules. A young, up and coming blogger/fashion designer. (Check out her site www.sincerelyjules.com) She has a way of putting things together like no one else! From her cute button ups and structured blazers, to her baggies with stilettos this girl has swag! and I want it lol. Today we played around with some similar articles of clothing we had in the store and tried to capture her "look." What Jules Loves - Button ups (all the way up!) - Blazers and Bomber Jackets - Sunglasses - Baggies with heels - Starbucks (LOL) - Mixing textiles!  Get the Look: BB Dakota Joss Jacket 124, TLR Beanie 39, Equipment Signature Blouse 260, Jennybird Riri...

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Don't be afraid of colour, Be a WILDFOX

Ok ok, I know fall is here and we're all anxious to put our bright summer clothes to rest, but hold on everybody!! There's no reason why we can't have a little fun with colour still. WILDFOX has created a fall collection filled with super cozy sweatpants, tees, and pullovers in your favourite soft sherbert colours. Don't be afraid! I know its gloomy out there so throw on that pink sweater and brighten up your day.

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OOTD - Lazy Dayz Off

So I'm off today and usually that means catching up on things. Instead of that, today went to pals, pizza and immobility on account of this chair being so comfortable. No judging, you guys, you do it too. Anyways, this morning required coffee, a lot of it. The second I walked out the door to retrieve my heaven in a cup, I was cold. Really cold. This is probably the first day I've even been cold since the first official day of fall. Anyways, it was completely unacceptable to be wearing just a t-shirt (me trying to combat the inevitability of summer leaving), so I back inside I ran, no seriously, I ran and I got changed. It seemed fitting...

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