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First Monday of 2014

The last two weeks felt like a blur. A really busy, full of food(not the healthy kind), "what day is it?" blur. Typically, none of us look forward to Mondays, in particular...THIS Monday. But there's something to be said about this Monday and it's not about this being the dreaded day of descent back down to earth from the satisfying chaos and time off we all just had. It's about coasting back into a comfortable routine and having a brand spankin' new year on our hands. Instead of hanging onto the threads of what's left of the holidays, let's get excited about waking up and not having to ask someone what day it is. About the fact that if we...

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A fun sized perspective from an employee

First blog posts are always kind of awkward. I think I'm supposed to tell you a bit about me but truth is,  I'm all over the place, so much so that I can't exactly pin point anything specific that you should know about me but I'm certainly going to try. The facts that render relevant to this blog are probably the following: 1. I work/play for the store you probably searched to stumble across this blog and I love it. It's a perfect outlet for everything "fashion" I love. I get to be a part of a team of girls whom I adore and we're all growing everyday and working towards the same thing. Everyday is a day that I...

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