First Monday of 2014

The last two weeks felt like a blur. A really busy, full of food(not the healthy kind), "what day is it?" blur. Typically, none of us look forward to Mondays, in particular...THIS Monday. But there's something to be said about this Monday and it's not about this being the dreaded day of descent back down to earth from the satisfying chaos and time off we all just had. It's about coasting back into a comfortable routine and having a brand spankin' new year on our hands. Instead of hanging onto the threads of what's left of the holidays, let's get excited about waking up and not having to ask someone what day it is. About the fact that if we need ONE  thing at a mall, we're not waiting in a gaggle of anxious people. The fact that there is no day of the week that we can't get our un-caffeinated hands on a cup of Starbucks coffee due to holiday closures. The list of perks goes on.  Anyways, the idea here was to shift the negative attention this Monday often receives to positive and reinforce you guys with the bright side. It's a fresh week in a new and very impressionable year and that means the balls in our court. Let's grasp the good stuff here and kick this week off with a solid outlook.

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