Holiday Sneak Up!

The Holidays are sneaking up on us.  November first hit and an avalanche of Christmas decorations, scents, songs and DUH, Starbucks Holiday drinks came crashing down on us. It was like international "let the games begin" day. Christmas is an ambush attack for most of us. We think we have an endless amount of time before the big day and all of a sudden, we're spending Christmas Eve getting the stockings hung and vacant for "Santa Claus" and being the world's fastest "Tree Putter Upper" only to have it look like Charlie Brown's infamous Christmas tree, ya you know, the one with like, 3 ornaments on it and maybe 6 branches at most. That or we find ourselves standing in 1000 mile long line ups to buy those last minute gifts we put off. Yep, here's to the beginning of another holiday season of  all that good stuff that makes the holidays, well, the holidays! So in the name of the very thing I'm talking about and to combat that holiday procrastination we all suffer from, I've concocted an intro list of things in Citrus that I'd love to see sitting under my Charlie Brown tree! (I'll make sure my mom reads this post) (Hi, mom :})
Psst. I'll let you in on a little secret, you can do the same thing. We have a Citrus gift registry here at the store. So you can come in, pick out as much as you'd like and we'll take it from there. All we'll need is your name, number and email! So get on that, ladies!
So I'm starting my list with a few killer pieces from the store that I've had my eye on for a while. The goodies I've piled up for the start of my wish list are as following!
1. The Style Stalker "Triple Threat Dress" $249. I've been in love with this knitted zip up babe since day one. For those of you who know me, you know I live in Converse and Doc Martens and I can't think of anything that would go better than those with this dress. Need it, gotta have it.
2. The Textile "Perfect Sweater" $168. You heard right, perfect. I've never been one to love anything with too much of a graphic print on it but words are different. This pullover looks really cool with a collared button up shirt underneath or alone. I love that it's a basic pullover that says "epic". Contradictory in the best way.
3. Tiny Devotions Surfer Mala $127. "Surfing is like being inside the energy of the universe ~ A Sea for Yourself". You're supposed to pick the mala with the meaning that matters most to you and I am all about the universe on all fronts. It's way too cool. Yes please to this accessory!
4. The Mackage "Rubie" Bag $295. This little bag is more practical then you'd imagine looking at the size of it. It comes with compartments, zippered sections and a lock disguised as a really cute arrow head. The bag has great structure, silver hardware and snake skin embossing on the front and side panels to add some texture. I love this bag. I doubt I'm gonna make it to Christmas without this. Stay tuned ;)
5. The Brave "Sirah" Belt $89. Everyone should own an authentic black leather belt. I keep it pretty minimal when it comes to belts so I chose this brushed black leather belt with silver hardware (because I'm in a silver phase) but it comes in gold for you goldies too, don't worry!
6. Jenny Bird "RiRi" bracelet. This over sized chain link trend is something I fell into right off the bat. Obviously I chose silver because, like I said...silver phase! But again, there's also gold! This bracelet comes with a leather add on that keeps the bracelet on or adjusts it.
7. Lastly, for this list, my two favourite 2 Bandits pieces. I heard about this brand almost two years ago and was instantly obsessed with this Southwestern vintage vibe jewelry. I chose the "Bandit Bib" $148 and the "Idell Lynn Cuff" $98. I love the weight of both of these. The "Bandit Bib" has a really cool collar look to it, it works magic for that old plain tee you love but feel like a snore fest in. The "Idell Lynn" Cuff is a fun add on to any stack or alone as it's pretty chunky. These are just two pieces from a really amazing shipment that includes onyx, moonstone, conch cuffs and other cool stuff I urge you to check out!
Just to be clear here, this is, like I said, an intro list. The first chapter of my wishlist novel. I'll be sure to add on weekly now that we're in November and receiving plenty of stock each week. Stay tuned for more unruly stuff from the store and feel free to add some of my favourites along the way to your own Citrus wishlist.

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