A New Monday Fully Equipped With New "Get By's"

How we got to the beginning of another new and uncharted week is over my head but here we are again, guys. Monday's aren't that bad if you take some time to find a few things to propel you all the way to Tuesday on a positive note. So here's a few things that I'll be leaning on this Monday.
2. The fact that I get to stare at "The 2 Bandits" jewelry that just arrived on Thursday http://the2bandits.com/
3. Fall weather setting in because that means I get to wear my Mackage Cornelia Jacket, available at Citrus!  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=556913904346468&set=a.527929523911573.1073741828.100000835890948&type=3&theater
4. My Chuck Taylor's (Monday's designated shoe)
5. AND Jay Gatsby (because I, like a million other women on planet earth, fell in complete love with him when I watched this last night.)

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