Jeez, will these clouds ever go away! Today I really just felt like wearing my sweatpants and sweater to work but we all know that definitely won't fly. On days like these the trick is to find a balance between comfortable and cute. The first thing I grabbed when I rolled out of bed was my Kitsch hair-tie. Then I dug into my sock drawer to find a lonely misfit sock to chop up and use for my infamous "sock bun" (a girls most efficient style for curing bed head.) A Perfect alternative to my sweatpants today were my OneTeaspoon Baggies, these things are the best. I've never got so many compliments on a pair of pants that I don't have to struggle to get into! So I'm throwin' on my Jenny Bird RiRi collar cause it  looks good with virtually everything,  lettin' my pants hang low, rockin' my Laundry Room "WIFEY" pullover 'n' Dolce Vita booties and callin' it a day! All the best on finding your balance between comfortable and chic today!

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