"B" coming a fashonista!

Here I am writing my first blog. So far I've been loving the backspace button but then I realized I can write whatever I want, however I wanna write it. Kinda weird not having any restrictions so i guess i'll just be me.
Up until a few years ago, I never really thought fashion was "my thing",  always looking for approval from my Mother (The Owner) or my sis (Chlo) on what looked good. A pair of shiny shorts, sneakers, and an American Eagle tee. I thought I was forever doomed in the fashion world. Going to be a dorky tom-boy for life. Little did I know a few years later that phase would pass, and I would be helping other women with what they want to wear and telling them what looks good. I became obsessed. I guess you could say Citrus Boutique became my closet, and well, if there's something I don't have I know I can either find it in my mum's or my sis' closet. Mum was proud. Chloe was too, finally little Brookie growing up and coming into her own.
Making Citrus my life has come with many perks. I have travelled to New York City for the ENK Coterie trade show and frequently attend buying trips with Chlo and my mum to the GTA. When you get the three of us together buying it is amazing and not to mention the ultimate girl bonding time. All of us are able to bring something different to the table for Citrus.  My mom has an open mind, and very unique fashion sense that has come with so much experience, and then there's Chlo, always practical and usually always knows whats perfect for our customer, and Me, funky little B, extremely open minded and able to cater to the swag of today' youth.
I hope you enjoy what I have to share with you about life, Citrus, fashion, and a little taste of what it's like to "B" Me!

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