OOTD - Lazy Dayz Off

So I'm off today and usually that means catching up on things. Instead of that, today went to pals, pizza and immobility on account of this chair being so comfortable. No judging, you guys, you do it too. Anyways, this morning required coffee, a lot of it. The second I walked out the door to retrieve my heaven in a cup, I was cold. Really cold. This is probably the first day I've even been cold since the first official day of fall. Anyways, it was completely unacceptable to be wearing just a t-shirt (me trying to combat the inevitability of summer leaving), so I back inside I ran, no seriously, I ran and I got changed. It seemed fitting to throw on a Wildfox sweater that described my feelings about the morning perfectly ("I'm allergic to mornings".) Then I grabbed the first accessible hat which happened to be my new Laundry Room hat. It's warm, it's cute. The only problem was, was that I didn't know if I was allowed to wear a hat that says ("No scrubs please") while having just rolled out of bed and planning to saunter into the public in thermal long johns with just a hoodie and a hat on top to save me. I wasn't exactly in a position to reject anyone EVEN a "scrub". I was even "hangin' out the passengers side of my best friend's ride" on the way to get coffee...Anyways, what's important is... I can't remember now but the coffee was good, my friends are cool and my outfit came equipped with the perfect vocabulary and amount of coziness essential to days off.
allergictomWildfox hoodie and Laundry Room beanie from Citrus

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