A fun sized perspective from an employee

First blog posts are always kind of awkward. I think I'm supposed to tell you a bit about me but truth is,  I'm all over the place, so much so that I can't exactly pin point anything specific that you should know about me but I'm certainly going to try. The facts that render relevant to this blog are probably the following:

1. I work/play for the store you probably searched to stumble across this blog and I love it. It's a perfect outlet for everything "fashion" I love. I get to be a part of a team of girls whom I adore and we're all growing everyday and working towards the same thing. Everyday is a day that I get to help someone, meet someone new and learn something new.

2. I'm 23

3. I'm kinda silly. By kinda I mean really.

4. My fashion muses are currently Rachael Finley, Leandra Medine & Julie Sarinana. I like to think that mildly reflects in the way I put myself together.

A wopping 4 hard facts about me. Look at me go, I think in terms of relevancy to anyone reading, those are ok...fingers crossed. So, that's what I thought you should know, now onto what you should expect. It probably looks something like this... in no particular order:

-Essentials on a Monday (because we all know how we feel about Mondays)

-10 things that I love about a month

-My favourite pieces in the store (that'll be hard to narrow down)

-Mantras of the week (because we all need little reminders)

-Looks/trends I like, outfits we put together in store

-Personal soundtracks

-Fun miscellaneous things that come up along the way

So I think that pretty much covers what a person should talk about in an intro blog post. Now onto the good stuff, stay tuned.


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